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Whatever your financial goals are in life, whether you want to save on your mortgage, create wealth, or save tax, with the right amount of planning and time, it is possible.

Financial advice & wealth creation

Lara Maloney - Qualified Financial Adviser in Auckland

Are you ready to grab life by the horns? We all have dreams, but unless you make the right choices to create that future, your goals will always be just that: dreams.

Nobody likes the idea of pouring over their finances in search of potential savings or doing research to find opportunities for investments, except us. Our New Zealand financial advisers focus on tried and trusted investment strategies that have been proven to work over and over again over the last 100 years. We remove the complexity and combine this knowledge into a customised financial plan for you to achieve your life objectives, one financial goal at a time.

We have so much trust in our approach that we are willing to conduct a FREE Discovery Session with you so that you can begin knowing exactly what is possible for you and your family. 

What is a Financial Adviser?

A financial adviser is the best friend you never knew you needed, but when they’re there, you don’t know how you got on without them.

Professional financial advisers save New Zealanders time, energy, and, most importantly, money. You might be able to drive a car, but an experienced Formula 1 driver will get the most out of it. Likewise, while it’s possible to manage your own finances, a financial adviser will provide specialist advice for every point of your financial interests, including tax savings, insurance, debt management, wealth creation strategies, and more.

We do the hard work so you don’t have to do the guesswork, giving you the peace of mind to feel that your future is safe for many years to come.

Why is financial planning important?

Planning for your future can be a difficult task filled with confusing terms, tax traps, and risky decision-making, but also an abundance of wealth. Whether you’re about to retire or have decades to prepare, MyFuture has customised strategies to support your financial interests and secure your future. Challenge yourself today to see what you can achieve in 1, 5, 10 or 20 years time. 

We want to help you achieve your goals.

MyFuture financial advisers are passionate about helping you accomplish your financial goals. We believe helping you helps our families and New Zealanders as a whole. 

We believe that eventually, the New Zealand government will begin to means test the pension, just as they do overseas. When they do, will you be prepared? For every Kiwi we help to become financially independent, we ensure that no matter what the pension situation, you will continue to enjoy the lifestyle you want.

The magic in financial management is that the numbers do the talking. New research from the Financial Services Council shows that New Zealanders who seek professional financial advice:

  • Receive 4% better investment returns;
  • Travel more, save more, invest more, and overall have more;
  • Have higher life, income protection, and critical illness insurance cover;
  • Rate their holistic well-being as significantly increased;
  • Rate their financial well-being as high or very high;
  • Are more able to live within their means;
  • Are able to pay down debts quicker.

What is our 6-Step Financial Advice Process?

Getting you from zero to hero is as easy as following 6 simple steps:

Establish and define our relationship with the client

We offer a no-obligation FREE Discovery Session either online or in a location of your choosing. Within this free Discovery Session, we take the time to get to know you, understand your current financial situation, and identify your hopes and needs for the future – clearly outlining our services, fees, and responsibilities.

Gather our client’s data and familiarise with their goals

Next, we get in-depth with your assets, debts, income, and expenses and gather the facts to better understand your current situation, what you want to achieve, the risk level you’re comfortable with, and what resources are available to help you accomplish those goals.

Analyse and evaluate your financial status

We use our financial advice expertise to read and evaluate your status and ability to reach your goals through various options. Depending on what services your plan includes, this may include analysing assets, liabilities, cash flow, current insurance coverage, retirement planning, investment portfolios, or tax strategies.

Develop and present our financial plan recommendations

Our Advisery Panel develops a detailed strategy outlining how best to achieve your financial goals. Our recommendations will be presented to you in person. We will listen to all of your thoughts and concerns and make adjustments if necessary to meet your individual needs.

Implement our financial plan recommendations

Once you understand and confirm the personalised recommendations and options, we begin working with you to manage their implementation. This may involve connecting you to appropriate professionals at the right time to execute your strategy.

Monitor the implemented financial plan

This is where the real fun begins! We have periodic reviews to ensure that your strategy and the advice you’ve received is still appropriate if your needs or circumstances have changed. We will also review the performance of your plan to assess the level of volatility and return, and make sure you remain on track to achieve your short-term, medium-term, and long-term financial goals.

Talk To A Qualified Financial Adviser

Get ahead with specialist financial advice from one of our friendly, qualified financial advisers.

How do I choose a Financial Adviser?

When choosing a financial adviser, it’s crucial to seek out well-recognised professional credentials. That’s why MyFuture team members hold the New Zealand Certificate in Financial Services (Level 5) Version 2 (NZCFS5 V2) and provide advice on behalf of MyFutureNZ Limited, the licensed Financial Advice Provider (FAP). We are regulated by the Financial Markets Authority to provide financial advice and an investment planning service. But we don’t stop there. To ensure we offer our clients the utmost value, we are also licensed in Real Estate and have Mortgage Broking Certificates.

We offer our financial planning services throughout Auckland and the rest of NZ. Our team of financial advisers are all accredited with the New Zealand Certificate of Financial Services with a Board of Directors team that has over 30 years of experience in the field.

Who should speak to a Financial Adviser?

A common misconception is that financial advice providers are only for high-net-worth individuals. We believe trusted financial advice should be available to all New Zealanders, period. Whatever your current life situation, the MyFuture team professionals provide financial advice to guide you towards financial freedom. 

Whether you’re self-employed, a young professional, a homeowner, a student, a lottery winner, a doctor, a teacher, an astronaut, or an expat, MyFuture members are masters when it comes to helping you reach your financial dreams.

The professional team at MyFuture will provide a no-obligation free Discovery Session, which only takes 45 minutes of your time. In return, we aim to offer financial freedom. 

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you have time to research all the financial resources available to you?
  • Are you concerned about your retirement funds and retirement planning?
  • Do you have the background to understand if products are suitable for your financial goals?
  • Are you comfortable taking responsibility for your financial decisions?
  • Did you know that you have more rights if something goes wrong when you use a financial planner?
  • Would you like to generate passive income through investing?

If your answers to any of these questions leave you guessing, you can benefit from a financial adviser‘s professional advice!

What areas do we serve?

Our company office and financial advisers are in Auckland. However, as we conduct most of our business meetings via video calls, we have clients in a range of areas throughout the country. We are ready to support all New Zealanders, wherever they happen to be.

Major areas we service include:

When Should I Use A Financial Adviser?

It’s never too early to approach your future. The good news is you don’t have to wait until you have an empty nest before you start paying off your mortgages and saving for retirement. Once you realise how easy it is to achieve your financial goals, you’ll wish you had found an investment adviser sooner.

Speak To A Qualified Financial Adviser

Is it worth paying for a financial adviser?

Do you want to make the most out of your earnings? If you answered yes, a financial adviser may be one of your most important investments. When you pay for our specialist advice, you’re paying for our years of experience and knowledge that back up the customised plan provided for you. No matter your situation, it’s well worth it to find a financial adviser to start discussing how you can save and invest your hard-earned funds. 

How much does a financial adviser cost in NZ?

At MyFuture, your first Discovery Session is completely FREE. Online or in-person, we’ll spend some time getting to find out about you and your entire financial situation, work with you to find your future goals, outline our investment service fees, and clearly confirm what you can expect from us throughout the financial planning process.


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