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We help clients achieve financial freedom through debt reduction and wealth creation strategies.

We help you accumulate wealth and achieve early financial freedom.

We help you accumulate wealth and achieve early financial freedom.

Our financial advisers do this through wise financial control, effective debt management, taxation planning and investment in asset classes appropriate to your personal situation.

We provide you with a detailed personalised strategy showing you how you can achieve your financial goals.

We provide you with a detailed personalised strategy showing you how you can achieve your financial goals.

These strategies are developed in consultation with the appropriate members of the MyFuture Advisery Panel and are prepared inhouse by our professional financial advisers.

Once you approve your personalised strategy, our financial advisers then work with you to manage the long-term implementation.

Get Ahead With Quality Financial Advice

Our Qualified Financial Advisers can help you achieve your goals with a tailored financial plan and proven financial expertise.

Introducing Lara Jane Maloney, Director of MyFutureNZ Ltd

Lara Jane Maloney, MyFuture

Lara Jane Maloney is the MyFutureNZ Ltd Director and a Qualified Financial Adviser.

After traveling for seven years, Lara co-founded a non profit organisation, Y for YOUTH, to create sustained funding for youth organisations throughout New Zealand. She later went on to hold the Head Of Marketing position at a helicopter manufacturing company, Composite Helicopters International, where she developed a $170 million portfolio with a new helicopter launch.

Lara has an MBA (First Class Honours) and specialised in Finance and Marketing. She has completed her NZ Certificate in Financial Planning (Level 5) and is authorised by the Financial Markets Authority to provide financial advice and investment planning services.

Based near the beautiful beaches of Muriwai with her partner, Ryan, and their two young children, Lara is committed to shifting the paradigm around the traditional 30-year mortgage and helping others create personal wealth.

Testimonial from Cheryl Britton

I write in regard to services provided to me by Lara Jane Maloney at MyFuture NZ Limited. I was introduced to Lara Jane in response to my expression of interest for help in regard to my financial goals via a facebook advertisement. This is always a very nervous experience both trusting that a service is legitimate and also passing over ones personal information. Lara Jane was very professional and easy to talk to from day one. We discussed my current financial position and what I was hoping to achieve in terms of my personal financial goals and the timeframe in which I hoped to achieve that. After our initial virtual meeting I was provided with a detailed plan outlining how I might achieve my goals. It was realistic about what was possible given my current circumstances. My follow up meeting to discuss the plan was informative and educational in terms of what the financial terms meant and my responsibilities in relation to the plan.

Once we got things underway I literally followed what was in the plan and whatever Lara Jane suggested I do. It was challenging to trust in the process and borrow the amount of money I needed to invest in the programme in order to achieve my goals but as Lara Jane reassured we would more than make it back over time.

Within the first few months I had demonstrated that I was able to begin investing by following the plan and the necessary savings goals that were required and entered into a contract for a property recommended by Lara Jane. This was extremely exciting but scary in that the process was all new to me. Lara Jane supported me by running the numbers and indicating what is would mean. Assisting with appropriate structuring of the mortgages and referral to other professionals to assist with the purchase. She has been there to answer by questions and doubts which crop up from time to time as I learn as a new investor. Things have gone very well with that investment along with lots of learnings along the way and in a short period of time I am looking to hopefully secure a second investment property.

It is important not to get ahead of oneself and just follow the plan meanwhile resisting temptation to deviate from the path with spending. Monthly monitoring by Lara Jane, of income, expenditure and planned savings helps one to stay accountable in order to achieve the goals.

I am very grateful to have embarked on the programme with Lara Jane and without her support and expertise I would not have been able to improve my financial situation as quickly or substantively. She also ensures I am managing risk appropriately which is important as you can get excited and want to do things as quickly as possible which may over expose oneself in these challenging financial times.

My thanks to Lara Jane and her team for the ongoing help.

– Cheryl Britton

We want to help you achieve your goals.

The Qualified Financial Advisers at MyFuture are passionate about helping you accomplish your financial goals because we believe helping you, also helps our community and our future generations. We believe that eventually, the government will begin to means test the pension in the same way they do overseas.

When they do, will you be prepared? For every Kiwi we help to become financially independent, we ensure that no matter what the government decides regarding pensions, you will continue to enjoy the lifestyle you want.

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Our team of Qualified Financial Advisers can help you achieve greater financial freedom.

We use proven financial expertise together with best practice modern investment and savings strategies to tailor personalised financial plans and give sound advice on money matters of all shape and sizes.

Our no-obligation free Discovery Session helps us to understand your short-term goals, challenges, and long-term aspirations so we can best help you, and is a great first step in the right direction.

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