Financial Advisers in Christchurch

As the largest city on the South Island, Christchurch aka the Garden City, is one of the worlds most unique and sought after places to live. With all of its urban renewal and innovation combined with abundant heritage, culture and boundless activities, Christchurch offers an incredible quality of life for every generation.

If you live in Christchurch or are planning to make a move to the area, we encourage you to seek out all of the personal, financial, residential, investment, and insurance resources that you need to thrive. The experts at MyFuture put your goals front and centre to craft the life you want.

If you are looking for a Financial Adviser and are based in Christchurch, you’re in the right place! MyFuture NZ can help kiwis all across our great nation. We believe so strongly in our services that we offer all our potential clients a free discovery session. Get in contact today to schedule yours!

Comprehensive financial planning is important at every stage of your life. Our financial advisers are highly skilled to help those living in Christchurch and across our nation to accumulate wealth and secure your financial future. 

With the integration of intelligent financial strategies, effective debt management, taxation planning and robust investment planning, MyFuture can make your money work for you. We believe that strategic planning means you can have a safe and secure future without sacrificing your quality of life now.

Financial planning

Working with expert Financial Advisers can make your life meaningfully better. Gaining the insight of their knowledge and experience will ensure the creation of a robust and successful financial plan to secure your present and see you into the future.

MyFuture has worked with many satisfied clients living and investing in the Christchurch area. They have taken control of their finances and integrated informed planning to build their ideal future. 

If you’re looking for exceptional financial planners in Christchurch, look no further than the experts at MyFuture. We have a diverse range of services available all across New Zealand, and we make your money work for you.

Investment Advice

If you’re residing in Christchurch, there are a number of opportunities available to you to intelligently invest your hard-earned money. Our experts will work alongside you to assess your risk profile and determine your financial goals in order to create a diversified investment portfolio that maximises your returns on investment.

Our experts will help you arrange an effective balance of assets with appropriate levels of investment to create a portfolio that suits your unique financial goals. To create a diversified portfolio, we provide accessible options for investing in shares, property, cryptocurrency, managed funds, ETFs, or savings accounts.

Residential property advice

A lot of people are choosing to invest in residential property in New Zealand right now. It has become one of the most secure methods of investment due to the steady appreciation and regular cash flow it can offer. It makes sense that it is currently the most popular investment vehicle in New Zealand. 

Real estate investment in Christchurch is the perfect opportunity to diversify your investment portfolio and build your net worth. Whether you’re thinking about owning your own home, planning to buy and rent for extra cash flow, or buy and flip for quicker lump sum profit, property investments in Christchurch have a number of potentially possibilities.

Investing in real estate can be one of the best investment journeys you’ll undertake, but it is also a major financial commitment. We want to help you make the right choices to make your investment journey as painless and smooth as it can be, especially regarding your choice of mortgage loan. At MyFuture, we understand that your mortgage needs are as unique as you are. For mortgage advice in Christchurch, we can put you in touch with the most knowledgeable and capable mortgage advisers to provide solutions to fit your budget, goals and lifestyle.

Advice for planning your retirement

Are you looking to create a retirement plan in Christchurch? If you haven’t already, the best time to start thinking about retirement is now. The earlier you start, the more stable your retirement will be. A retirement plan is your first step to achieving financial freedom and with a robust plan at work for you, you can rest easy in your retirement years with the financial stability you deserve. 

At MyFuture, we are fully committed to making your retirement years as enjoyable and comfortable as possible. With the guidance of clear long term financial goals, we can work with you to maximise your wealth and create an effective strategy to achieve your retirement dreams. Our goal is to help you create a strong and foolproof retirement plan without sacrificing your lifestyle in the present.

Finding you the best personal insurance broker

In the volatility of today’s complex world, protecting your assets is more important than ever. When you’ve worked hard to earn, save, invest, and grow your financial assets, you’ll want to make use of all of the resources within your power to protect your and your loved ones’ future. 

Personal insurance is the best investment you can make to protect yourself and your family in any unforeseen circumstances. Having the right mix of insurance coverage for your health, your home, your assets, and your income can protect you from any future financial trauma. 

Your future is too valuable to leave to chance. Let MyFuture connect you with the most knowledgeable personal insurance brokers in Christchurch and all across New Zealand who can meet all of your insurance needs. Rest easy knowing that the future you’ve worked hard to build is in safe hands.

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