Financial Advisers in Tauranga

Home to some of New Zealand's most popular beaches, this metropolitan hub boasts a beautiful coastline and surrounding mountains for you to explore. However, the main attractions encouraging folks to flock to Tauranga are the numerous possibilities for business and international trade, creating a land of opportunity.

As a resident of Tauranga, we encourage you to seek out all of the personal, financial, residential, investment, and insurance resources that you need for a fruitful, healthy and happy future. The experts at MyFuture are here to guide you towards the best financial opportunities Tauranga has to offer.

MyFuture NZ can help kiwis all across our great nation. We have so much faith in our services that we are offering you a free discovery session with our financial experts. Get in contact today for yours.

Our financial advisers are highly adept at helping our clients accumulate wealth and secure a healthy and stable financial future. We do this through wise financial management, effective debt control, taxation planning and robust investment planning.

MyFuture NZ is a kiwi-owned company with decades of experience working with clients across the nation. We have a myriad of resources pooled together from across the country to guide you towards financial freedom.

Financial planning

Financial Planning is a comprehensive evaluation of your current and future financial needs to create a plan to achieve those needs. Working with expert Financial Advisers can only improve your quality of life. Acquiring the knowledge and experience of our experts will guarantee you have a fruitful financial plan in place to see you and your loved ones into your future and beyond.

MyFuture has worked with many contented clients living and investing in the Tauranga area. With the guidance of our experts, you can take control of your finances and integrate innovative financial planning to cultivate the future you’ve been dreaming of. 

Tauranga has so much to offer that it can be overwhelming. But the most important decision you can make is to seek the guidance of our financial experts. We are the best friend you never knew you needed, but once you’ve experienced our commitment to you, you’ll wonder how you got on without us.

Investment Advice

As one of the largest business and international trade hubs in New Zealand, Tauranga and the surrounding areas have incredible opportunities at your fingertips to intelligently invest your hard earned money. Our experts will work with you to create a diversified investment portfolio taking into account your unique risk profile and your financial goals to maximise your returns on investment.

To create your wealth, we can work with your financial goals and assess the right balance of investment. Our experts can determine the most effective blend of shares, property, managed funds, savings accounts, ETFs or cryptocurrency as well as taking your desired risk exposure into account. The idea is to create a portfolio that will see you into the future you’ve dreamed of.

Residential property advice

If investing in residential property takes your fancy whether in Tauranga or anywhere across our nation, let MyFuture help you make it a lucrative addition to your portfolio. Real estate investment is currently the most popular avenue for investors due to the potential for steady appreciation and regular cash flow. 

Investing in real estate is the perfect opportunity to build your net worth and diversify your investment portfolio. Whether you choose to own your own home, buy and rent for extra income, or buy and flip for a lump sum, property investments in Tauranga have a number of opportunities.

To make it work for you, it’s crucial to tick all the boxes and do the research when investing in property. At MyFuture, we appreciate that each investor has unique goals and aspirations, as well as unique mortgage needs. For mortgage advice in Tauranga, we can put you in touch with the most knowledgeable and capable mortgage advisers to provide mortgage solutions to fit your budget, goals and lifestyle.

Advice for planning your retirement

Are you looking to plan your retirement in Tauranga? The earlier you start planning for your future, the better prepared you will be. A common misconception is that retirement planning means sacrificing your quality of life now. At MyFuture, we believe otherwise. We work with you to build a plan that creates wealth through multiple channels so you can save for the future and live your preferred lifestyle in the present.

A healthy retirement plan is your first step to achieving financial freedom, minimising stress in the future and providing you with the stability you and your family deserve. At MyFuture, we are fully committed to making your retirement years as enjoyable and comfortable as possible by helping you to create a strong and foolproof retirement plan with your goals front and centre.

Finding you the best personal insurance broker

The world’s economic and environmental climates are far from predictable, which means we’re all going to encounter unexpected shocks throughout our lives. When you’ve worked hard to earn, save, invest, and grow your financial assets, you’ll want to pool all of the resources within your power to protect your and your loved ones’ future. 

Especially with the current volatility in today’s world, personal insurance is the most secure safety blanket for smart investors. Having the right mix of insurance coverage for your health, your income, your home, and your assets will protect you from any future turmoil that may swing your way. 

Your future is too valuable to leave to chance. Let MyFuture connect you with the best and brightest personal insurance brokers in Tauranga and all across New Zealand who can meet all of your insurance needs. Rest easy knowing that the future you’ve worked hard to build is in safe hands